Two Five Fishfarm, Nigeria

Sub Saharan African populations are growing at high rates. The UN expects that by 2100 Nigeria will be one of the world’s 10 most populated countries, with a projected population of 733 million. As projected in “Aqua Insights” (Aqua Spark, September 2021) African demand for fish is ever increasing and might grow from 10 million MT in 2018 to 29 million MT in 2050.

In Nigerian fish consumption the African catfish species is very popular, while at the same time fish farmers are faced with challenges. Two Five Nigeria is founded to positively impact Nigerian consumers, fish farmers and communities at large. Quadraat Global was involved in the first phase of successfully setting up Two Five Nigeria.

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Nice to know:
The African catfish is one of the most efficient species in terms of converting animal feed into bodyweight, and can be farmed in difficult environments.

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