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Trideal, A-houses project, Ethiopia

The population in Africa is going to grow strongly in the coming years. Which means that more and more housing and living space will have to be created. Trideal wants to help and to give the poorest a fair chance at a home.

The company has developed a house in the shape of a triangle (A-house) which is completely self-sufficient. In this way, residents are less dependent on various environmental factors. These houses will be produced locally, which will create extra jobs. But also the houses will provide shelter and room for small scale agriculture by their future owners.

Trideal wants to test the concept in Ethiopia and has entered into a partnership with Addis Ababa University. Quadraat Global advises the management of Trideal house by sharing experiences and preparing a business plan to attract investors.

If you want to know more about this project check out  Tridealhouse.com

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