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African populations are growing at tremendous rates, and the share of Africans living in urban areas is projected to grow from 36 percent in 2010 to 50 percent by 2030 according to the Worldbank. As African cities continue to grow, congested traffic flow and outdated parking management systems are becoming an increasing pain point for city administrations and its citizens.

SMI Technologies have developed an innovative, proven and comprehensive Smart Parking Management Solution that can drastically increase efficiency and profitability, in the management of on-street and off-street parking spaces, and provide valuable data for better urban planning and traffic law enforcement. Quadraat Global is involved in the daily operations of SMI Technologies. For more information, visit the website.  Smarter Cities, Better Lives!

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The introduction of Chip-Coin based system in the Mlimani in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, City Mall, reduced parking operation costs by 80%. The system has improved Airport security while doubling revenue collection by closing all the loopholes. Every vehicle is counted and recorded using a high precision Automatic Number Plate Recognition Camera.

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