“Our weekly meeting is base for the general improvement of financial activities of interlakes and change we made is very vivid. It is also really big step forward in my personal career and it gives me international experience. Because of this, I like our weekly meeting and working with Wilrik.”

Abdi Faro

Financial manager

Bishoftu, Ethiopia

Interlakes International School, Bishoftu, Ethiopia

The Interlakes International School teaches around 450 children from the Bishoftu village area. This primary school offers education to local children to help them get started in society, but also to give them knowledge so that they have a good chance of finding work and contributing to the further development of Ethiopia. But within a school it is not only about teaching. There are many tasks around that make teaching possible. One of them is the financial management.

Quadraat Global’s input is base for supporting the financial manager by thinking along in setting up a budget, cash flow, financial reporting and other aspects, the next step in financial management can be taken. This progress is very important for the general manager and the board in the Netherlands to steer the organization in the right direction and the change we made is incredible.

Interlakes International school is able to provide a solid financial process and can report on a professional level on the financial key performance indicators. Our team provides management support sometimes on location in Ethiopia.

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Mr. Wilrik den Hertog

International business developer

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