Eric Mwangi_cofounder_africolt
“When it comes to startups in Africa, you’ve got to have a good blend of the vision of your business while tapping on the right human capital to achieve your audacious goals. This might seem straightforward when you are investing in one country but as you scale and grow across more sub saharan countries then you might need some expertise of seasoned experts forged by experience on the ground.”

Eric Mwangi

Cofounder Africolt

Nairobi, Kenya

Balt Leenman Africolt
“Quadraat Global has proven to be a welcome, professional advisor in our next phase of developing our organization! The knowledge and experience of the African culture and business context is very valuable!”

Balt Leenman

Cofounder Africolt

Nairobi, Kenya

Africolt, Nairobi, Kenya

The company Africolt has high targets and ambitions as a consultancy firm in Africa. They are the selling partner of “Salesforce”, a software solution to improve marketing and sales. Africolt wants to grow within the upcoming years. Their goal is to create 10.000 jobs within Africa specially for refugees.

Africolt is being supported by Quadraat Global in taking the next step in becoming a more professional and strong company in the African market.
By supporting the local management to set small steps towards their ambitious goal, Quadraat Global supported Africolt on different aspects like HR/Marketing/Sales to add value and setting steps towards their goal.

With their service they are helping their customers to improve the customer relationship management and therefore create more outcomes. Besides that, it creates jobs for the people in need. This wins on both ends.

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