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YEP Ethiopia

Training and Coaching

Hans Walhout and Bram Quaak from Quadraat Global are involved in the Young Entrepreneurship Program Ethiopia. This programme was founded in 2016 and aims to foster and boost entrepreneurship in Ethiopia, by building on the preexistence of good attitude, skill and behavior. The development of these mid-market managers enhances the activities and results of their respective companies. In addition to the effect on business, there is a positive impact in the lives of each trainee, as well as those in their surroundings.
Hans is involved as a Business Ethics trainer and Bram is involved as co-founder of YEP Ethiopia and acts as programme manager. He has also provided the Business Management and Intercultural Communications training over the last few years.


YEP Ethiopia

Project manager

Bram Quaak T. 0031-6-26642595

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