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Senegal 10 bridges assessment

Project Management

Projet Zero Bac Sénégal concieved the construction of ten bridges throughout Senegal. For this undertaking a study was carried out on behalf of the Ministère des Infrastructures, des Transports Terrestres et du Désenclavement (Ageroute Sénégal) into the impact of the bridges on the environment and social structures. The Cabinet EES Sénégal carried out an ESIA (Environmental & Social Impact Assessment) and FS (Feasibility Study) on the instruction of Dijkstaal International and under the instruction of Quadraat Global. Quadraat took part in the inventory of the 10 locations for the bridges when the ESIA was underway. The ESIA and FS form the basis of the tendering process for construction of the bridges. A tender was prepared with and for Dijkstaal International, the principle proposal being a turnkey solution based on the completed ESIA and FS. This tender also included a comprehensive Risk Analysis and Action Plan for the project.


Dijkstaal International BV Completion: 2017

Project manager

Chris Baggerman T. 0031-6-19011002

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