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Karas Namibia area development

Project Management

On behalf of Monate.Green, Quadraat Global provides project management and area development for a “Namibia Vision 2030” project in the Karas in Namibia.

This project involves the sustainable development of a hotel, restaurant, resorts, sheep farm with export facilities, a clinic, a university and awareness of the required  infrastructure. Extensive sheep farming can be lucrative in the sparsely populated Karas region of Namibia. The the quality of the lamb produced here has earned world renowned fame. The project spans a planned area of approximately 30,000 hectares. 4,000 ha of which will be used for sheep farming, and more than 25,000 ha for wildlife, a luxury villa hotel and private resorts. The remaining area is designated for the clinic, university and facilities for staff.

A major contribution is made to the well-being and prosperity of the Karas population, by means of area development.

This project is a great opportunity for investors. Interested parties can contact the director of Monate.Green Ajé Oosterveen (0031-6-19202662 and


Monate.Future Start: 2019

Project manager

Mr. Kees van Dam T. 0031-6-44324988

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