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Intercultural communication

Training and Coaching

Integrity, skills, and content across cultural borders.

Communication across cultural borders has been part of the professional experience of Kees van Dam right from the beginning. After the completion of his academic studies, Kees trained for 8 months at the Hendrik Kraemer Institute in the Netherlands to work in cross-cultural situations.
He worked for about 15 years in Southern Africa in theological education and project management. His professional and personal activities brought him into contact with people from various walks of life. In developing his cross-cultural communication skills, he was able to develop relations at different levels and to bring a number of projects to their completion. These projects comprised the construction of clinics, houses and churches; the supply of electricity; the catchment, treatment and reticulation of water; and the training in skills for people from semi-literate up to degree level. Amongst many, a key aim was to improve the lives of the people involved, in enhancing their life skills, social skills, and their spiritual skills.

Kees also lectured in cross-cultural communication. He did so as a staff member of the Hendrik Kraemer Institute in the Netherlands (2001-2002; 2011-2014) and as a lecturer at an Institute for Higher Vocational Education and Training, the CHE in Ede (2008-2009).
Currently, Kees is active as an international consultant with strong skills in facilitation of projects, cross-cultural communication, networking, and education. His blend of experience in teaching, coaching, mediation, public speaking, liaison and management, together with his capacities as a skilled analyst, researcher, reporter and communicator, make him a versatile player in the interplay of various cultures.


Namibia Evangelical Theological Seminary

Project manager

Mr. Kees van Dam T. 0031-6-44324988

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