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Haiti bridges quick scan

Project Management

In recent years, Haiti suffered incredible hurricane and earthquake damage. Many bridges and roads across the country are still needing repair or a complete rebuild. The Inter-American Development Bank and other significant companies started an infrastructure fund to finance repair. A consortium of three parties: Woord en Daad (organisation for development cooperation), Dijkstaal International and Quadraat Global were given the assignment for prioritising the bridges for repairs or full rebuild. The Haitian NGO Parole et Action played a local role within the team. The prioritisation was compiled by way of a benefit-cost ratio for each bridge, based on development relevance, existing road networks, geographic location, proximity of facilities and available resources.
Matteo de Visser, Chris Baggerman and Bram Quaak from Quadraat Global were involved with this project.


Gouvernement de la République d’Haiti Ministère des Travaux Publics, Transports et Communications (MTPTC) Completion: May 2018

Project manager

Mr. Matteo de Visser T. 0031-6-49498947

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