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Corporate Social Responsibility

Our projects contribute to a better future. But there can be no future without taking good care of our planet and the people that inhabit it. That is why we devote a portion of our time, knowledge and funds to sustainability and social projects.


Sustainability goes deeper than simply adding solar panels to a roof. We believe it is more about the way in which you work, our total footprint throughout the project and its effect after completion. Sustainable investments often ensure a more favourable financial perspective in the longer term.

Supporting social causes

We also strive to support good causes linked to our work. We have developed an app in collaboration with people suffering from autism and offered a work placement to a Syrian refugee.

Sharing knowledge in Ethiopia

The YEP Programme in Ethiopia is another example of our commitment to social causes. This is a programme that promotes SME (project) management in Ethiopia. We share our knowledge of (project) management and entrepreneurship. That enables people to develop and the economy of the country to become more sustainable.

“Our clients are joining us on a trip to Ethiopia”